As Trekking was never been part of my interest, when I was asked by one of Decathlon User who was going for the Treck to Uttarakhand - Dayra Bugyal - Dodital - Manjee

The experience was unforgettable, I still remember there was -5 degree temperature but I was prepared well still lot things were missing because it was found later it's kind of Intermediate Treck and I was just a beginner.

I saw first time Snow Fall in my life which makes this trip super WOW and amazing, I still remember thee was freezing water all around we needed to get hydrated and we walked more than 2 Kms to find the water to drink.

I never had Maggi too much in my life but that time it was only the food to survive for 5 days on mountains.

Met Anmol, who is from Mumbai Maharashtra. was staying there for 2 months, a professional photographer and Trekking Passionate. Anmol seemed a mad guy who was only on one time meal and the meal is from the same place like, fish and vegetables, without the salt and sugar but he was the an amazing guy who was actually passionate for something in his life.

I have noted the places where u have been and I hope it will help others to plan next trip to Uttarakhand.

  1. Hrishikesh to Uttarkashi 200 Km
  2. Sangam Chati to Agoda 6Km, 2200 Mt
  3. Agoda to Manjee 10Km, 2900 Mt
  4. Manjee to Dodital 10Km, 3050 Mt
  5. Dodital to Manjee 10 Km, 2900 Mt
  6. Manjee to Satgadhi 9 Km, 2612 Mt
  7. Satgadhi to Dayra Bugyal 15 Km,  3050 15 Mt
  8. Dayra Bugyal to Barnala 3Km
  9. Barnala to Barsu 3.5 Km
  10. Barsu to Gangnani 25 Km
  11. Gangnani to Uttarkashi 50 Km
  12. Uttarkashi to Hrishikesh 200 Km

Sharing below some pictures along and if need any help to explore the same place please feel free to write me back.


Thanks, Good Luck :)