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Sunny DUTTA Sport Leader
Sports Enthusiast

Do you know what my favorite part of the game is? The opportunity to play. I live by this quote. Avid Footballer | Budding Trekker | Sports Fanatic

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Here it is!! 😁
Tent Pitching on my Terrace.
Arpenaz Fresh&Black 3 person.
I pitched it on my own under a minute.
Just follow the steps.
Trailer of how to pitch a tent. Video Coming Soon!! 😊
Tips to Improve your Shooting in Football ⚽

1. Lock Your Ankle
2. Lean Over the Ball
3. Take a more aggressive Run-Up
4. Hit the Center of the Ball
5. Practice with Game in Mind

This video will help you understand the technique and posture you need to maintain. In order to Shoot the ball with accuracy and power.
Here is the Video Guys 😊
8 Ways to Control a Football.

1. Underside of Foot
2. Lift Behind
3. Inside of Foot
4. Top of Foot
5. Thigh Touch
6. Chest Control
7. Chest Pass
8. Outside of Foot

I hope this really helps. βš½πŸ€™
Importance of First Touch in Football
Regardless of your position you play, you absolutely have to have a good first touch. It helps you in various ways.
1. Higher Possession Numbers
2. Better Under Pressure
3. Better Vision
4. Fewer Turnovers
I follow Dimitar Berbatov, when it comes to learning about First Touch Control.

In my next video I will be teaching you types of First Touch Control. :)
4 Basic Skills for Beginners.
Please let me know if this helps you all out. :)
Today we will learn 4 Basic skills for Beginners.
1. Stepover
2. Drag Back
3. The Roll
4. Stepover Turn

Video coming Soon!!
Guys check this Video, tried my best to explain about Basic Football Skills to Achieve Success.
It has really helped me out, always follow the basics.
Basic Football Skills to Achieve Success πŸ’ͺ

1. Ball Control
2. Dribbling
3. Body Control
4. Passing Accuracy
5. Shooting Accuracy

Video Coming Soon!!
Scoring from a Long Range in Football
1. Know your Range
2. Watch the Keeper
3. Strike with Power and Precision
4.Bend it from the corner
5. Keep your landing foot firm
6. Muster with as much force you can.
7. Connect with the corner side of your foot.
8. Do all of this without losing Momentum
I really hope this helps.