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Deepak KUMAR
Deepak KUMAR
Inline skater

Sport Leader Decathlon India

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Why I love Skating: Roller-skating is a great way to improve heart health❤️, strengthen muscles💪, and burn calories💯. It works muscles in the legs, glutes, and core, burns about 600 calories an hour🔥, and causes 50% less stress to the joints than running. It even improves flexibility and endurance.🤸
Good Morning 🌞 Waking Up Early Removes Distractions and Allows You to 10X Your Productivity. Simply put, waking up early gives you more hours in the day. Waking up early will give you the most productive and energetic part of your day back in your life. ... Evenings are rarely the most productive time of the day, even for night owls.
And when you can't help it #headstandlove🤸@headstandinmountains
Handstand helps you to be brave and conquer your fears🙅. It’s pretty scary to toss your feet up over your head🤸, especially away from the wall. It helps you realize how you face deal with challenges in your life🤔. Do you back away and not push yourself out of fear? Handstand is a pose that I have to start fresh with every day🌞. It keeps me being creative and focused during my practice as a result💯. It strengthens the shoulders, arms and wrists and expands the chest fully.”
Life is not always an easy ride along a beautiful cycling path. Sometimes it is just like a bicycle wheel spinning around on the ups and downs of a muddy trail...
Burn Calories save petrol...🤓
Check out the all new MF500 Inline freeriding skates... ABEC 7 bearings
Hard boot of composite fiber
Extruded aluminium frame
80mm wheel size for better stability while doing stunts and jumps.

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Throwback 2019 @goechala sikkim
It was the time, when lockdown was just about to implement in pan India, when look back I feel blessed that I got to submit atleast one trek this year in this covid crisis now I'm having folder full of memories which gives me good vibes in this time #kedarkantha2020
Someday this upside-down world will be turned right side up.🤸 Nothing in all eternity will turn it back again. If we are wise, we will use our brief lives on earth positioning ourselves for the turn.✌🏻When everything is upside down in life; Don't worry take a deep breath. ☮️