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ketan MEHTA
Sporty Guru
Asked a question 2 months ago

Is it normal to feel pain or be out of breath when running?

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Hi. I understand yes.. when we are oblivion if the breathing technique - one way is breath in when left feet thumps down. I hope it helps - it helps me
Kartik UPPAL
Lifestyle | Traveler | Fitness

If you consider your self fit and still feel pain then i guess there is some underling injury you might suffer with else overweight and weak people do feel pain while running continuously for some time. Breathing is all about technique, stamina and endurance so its normal to be out of breath but more you run the better it will get. 

Akash DAS
Passionate footballer and cyclist

Pain isn't normal. but getting out of breath is a factor of your stamina. People with better stamina levels tend to be able to run longer without getting out of breath. After a certain limit, it's very normal for runners to start feeling out of breath.