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Asked a question last year

How long should people rest in between workouts?

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Manoj BALIYANAthlete
Road Runner, Trail Runner, National Medal 400m 48.47 Seconds

Its depends Sports to sports for example in Running during off season recovery time is 60sec to 90 seconds and during peak season its 3 minutes to 5 minutes.

Sijo SKARIASport Leader
Project Leader User Experience

Ideally it should be 45-60 sec , one think it remember you should be fully energized for the next set of work out 

Josey JOHNSport Leader
Basketball Enthusiast, Decathlon Brigade Road

1 to 2 minutes is ideal and it depends based on the workouts we do too.


I am assuming you are asking about rest between same workout, so ideally if its the same workout cycle than depending on the intensity its 2:1, for High Intensity Interval Training and a 4:1 for Low intensity workouts, but since stamina and health is personal topic it varies from individual to individual, Consult your trainer and also your doctor if you find it difficult to exercise.

Oishik PAUL
To Sustainably Make the Pleasure and Benefits of Sports Accessible to the Many

It varies from person to person, present health condition, type of workouts you are performing, and also humidity, weather and climatic conditions.. etc. Take enough that neither breaks the rhythm or flow of your workout nor so little that still makes you feel exhausted.  Rest should serve the actual purpose of taking it without adversely effecting your performance.  Hence take a proper and justified rest.

60-90 seconds

Tennis Fanatic- Decathlon Dwarka

1 minute rest should be taken between sets if one is doing light weight training and if one is doing heavy weight training then 2-3 minutes rest is appropriate.

60-90 seconds between each set is good. 

Johnson ANISH
Passionate Cardio practitioner

Recovery time will vary depending on how your workouts are split up and if you're someone who likes to split their training days to really hone in on one to two muscle groups per session, you can get away with training five or six days in a row, and then take one day to rest." That's because you're giving some muscle groups a break throughout the week, even though you're still hitting the gym

Passionate Dancer and Fitness enthusiast

It depends on what type of workout you are doing and it’s Intensity. 

Ideally it should be a break of 60seconds , more than that would make your body feel lazy .

Sport Leader Running


 60secs for 15 min work out and then it depends amount time you spend on work out