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ketan MEHTA
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Asked a question 2 months ago

Do you stretch before Running?

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Yes, Stretching is a vital part of any exercise and is an essential element for recovery and the ability to run or exercise again. Through the course of exercise muscles will shorten in size due to the repeated contraction, and so stretching helps elongate the muscles back to their original size, realigning the body’s muscles and bones. Shorter unstretched muscles after a few hours can become sore and uncomfortable, hindering further exercise, causing recovery to take longer. When exercising, oxygen is needed to break down our food into energy and when oxygen runs low other elements are broken down to assist this release of energy. In the process lactic acid is released into the muscles. This release of lactic acid results in the soreness we feel in the days after exercise, stretching however can assist your body’s natural process of removing this acid from the muscles, replacing it with glucose, and restoring your muscles back to its ideal state.

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Absolutely 🏃
apurv RAI
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Pratibha SINGH
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Definitely yes 👍

Christo ROY
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It is important
yes obviously
Manish KUMAR
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