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Asked a question 9 months ago

Explain a situation when you felt proud to be a sports leader or a sports person.

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Mohit TANNUSport Leader
Exploring Road Cycling at Decathlon Sohna Road.

So this was year 2017, July. Exactly 2 years back. I had completed 11 days in Decathlon. I was a very active and motivated sport leader back then. Ready to do anything and everything with intense energy. 
My store leader had just finished the Values and Induction training with us new comers, and our motivation to make users satisfied or satisfied was at the peak. 
In these days, there was a customer who walked in asking for a lot of sports equipment. He was a sports teacher in a boarding school. Now the products that he required; some of them were manufactured by decathlon and some of them weren't. When I told this to the sports teacher, he was disheartened as the school was about to start in a few days and the kids would be left without proper equipment. 

I have grown up playing every possible sport in my schooling days and today I cannot imagine my life without sports. I contacted some other sports retailers and asked them to arrange for the sports products and got it delivered at the school. This took a lot of effort and time and there were a lot of complications. I was new but I had all the support in the world from my store leader and my coach. 
By the time the products had reached the school it had reopened and when the equipments reached the school the kids were more than happy. All the effort that i took all time that I invested and the pain that I took to make these products available was worth, every bit of it. 
That Day I realised the what actual meaning of making sports accessible to people is. 

Sport Leader : Fitness

After so many fights with parents they agreed to go for Judo Practice. 

Within two year I was able to win a national medal which helped me a lot in my studies, Marks etc etc. Got an appreciation in my village also. Made my parents so happy. Which was one of the most proud full  moments of my life.

ayusman SAHU
Passionate Tennis Player

When my product knowledge was appreciated by a customer and he became a part of my community.