What is Hydro Training?
Straight-up, Hydro Training uses the reactive properties of water in a water-filled product, as an unstable resistance training tool. The inherent properties of water offer reactivity, volatility and unpredictability, which result in positive training results.

Hydro Training is emerging as a hot topic of conversation in the fitness/conditioning world, and represents a new training frontier. The discussion is being driven by water-filled products such as the SURGE Storm 40 and 60, and the SURGE Hydro Ball.

Whole body integrated training blends itself well into this category, based on the necessity to adjust to and control the unpredictable movement of water. Bottom line, better “body control” is developed. Your ability to optimize technique, avoid injury, improve performance and lift heavier loads can all increase. And of course, muscle strength, endurance, power, mobility and improved metabolic capability are all possible outcomes depending on how you program the training loads and movement complexes.

Key Point: Understand that the concept of Hydro Training uses the unstable quality of water to enhance performance and overall conditioning because of the constant, variable challenge presented while using a water-filled product.