Running has always been my go to sport since childhood . When I started with it I just use to enjoy and dawdle around being a kid and kept running until I was asked to stop but over the period as time passed I realised the internal peace it gave me and most importantly it gave me a solution for every problem I have faced because running outdoors for an hour or so always gave me inner peace of mind and helped me calm myself in every situation which solved many things for me.

Marathon running has been my favourite amongst all . Because in that winning or losing was a complete different thing but the internal fight of completing the mileage was something tough I always faced .

I started running when I was in the 5th grade and later after that it had become a routine for me , something without which I couldn’t resist . After an hour or two of running I would be all energetic and ready for the day .

What is you’re go to activity or sport which makes you all hyped up and ready for the day??