let's Understand our snakes. I have started this series where I give information about various snakes and this time it's my favorite one. The Green Keelback also known as grass snake because of its lush green colour. Again a very beautiful non Venomous snake found almost everywhere around us and handling this one is much easier than handling any other snake. When green Keelback are baby they come with green colour and black stripes on them and as they grow Black stripes vanish and only green colour is visible which makes it look really awesome. It feeds on rats, frogs , garden lizards etc. But caution again, Keelback family itself is known for their bites but only this one is peace loving, but again snakes , if handled in a wrong way , can always bite. This snake looks similar to bamboo pit viper which is a Venomous snake. So be careful if u spot a snake which is green in colour, though bamboo pit vipers are not found in our locality it's always suggested to be cautious and careful.And one defence mechanism they use is , trying to compress their neck muscles which gives them the look of Cobra and sometimes they are mistaken as Green Cobra. Don't worry, there is nothing like green cobra .keep loving snakes and let me know in the comments if u have any doubt.