Few interesting facts about snakes. 2) I my previous post of this series I spoke about how the cold blooded nature of snakes affects the food habits. Continuing this series. Now I am going to talk about yet another fact. Did you know that snakes can survive even after they are beheaded ? Yes that is true. But how ? let's see . Again here, cold blooded nature of the snake plays an important role. As we know that major portion of the oxygen that is consumed in the body goes to brain, but snakes being cold blooded do not use much of its oxygen as they get heat from external source. So brain stays active even when it is separated from the body. But attention my dear friends, snake is in pain now. Now it is more dangerous than its earlier state when its body was in good condition. So what happens now, as a natural instinct, if you happen to trouble the snake it will bite you, but now that it is in pain, it will inject more venom. Chances of survival are less but moving to the hospital and taking proper treatment is the only choice. So here is the deal, stay away from snake when it is injured, attempt to dispose its body only when u r convinced about its death. If you are not convinced about the death and you know that snake is going to die anyway, this can be most brutal, but crush its head. These are the precautions and not ways to kill a snake. They play a vital role in balancing the ecosystem and food chain. You can always comment below for any query. Thank you.