As we are all self quarantined and are either working ,studying or doing other activities home, it is very important to keep ourselves fit and healthy throughout this quarantine period.

Bouncing back with the same energy is what we are all looking forward to at the end of this lockdown period. So as we all are either quarantined with our family or friends here is a quick partner workout routine and few challenges you can practice with you family and friends . These challenges will keep you fit and help you stay refreshed and enthusiast throughout as we all are bored and tired of staying back home which is apparently going to be our routine for the next 21days.

These are the very basic and fun to do challenges and workouts and can be practiced by anyone indoors itself .
1. Plank clap challenge
2. Squat and push-up challenge
3. Back to back wall sit
4. Crunches and mountain climbing
5. Wheel barrow walk

I have put up some images of the workouts and challenges for reference. You can follow them and practice or create a better version and share it .