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Mountain Talkies
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Hi there,

We are here to talk, share, learn and do mountains. We hike, We trek, We climb, We ski, & We go backpacking. 

Join us to share the love for mountains. 


WE are "Mountain Talkies" . . . . 

Life is short Stop giving excuse of your daily routine life You are the only one who choose that life And you are the only one who can break the chain So wakeup now be with nature no matter it... (More)
Hi there
This is my last year's summer trek
More pictures on instagram @the_mountainlion

Now this year planning KEDARKANTHA TREK in January
The most beautiful trek from Dehradun, sankri
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kapil DEV
Having enough water with you during a hike is essential if you want to maintain your energy and feel good. Getting dehydrated on long hikes can be very dangerous. In addition to feeling weak, being dehydrated makes you more susceptible... (More)
SULPHUR WATER POND CYCLE RIDE VLOG NOW ON MY WEBPAGE.... Enjoy the Vlog Don't Forget to Subscribe to my YouTube channel, your support is very important to keep such a Adventure-filled topic in front of you THANK YOU EVERY ONE... (More)