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pradeep kumar
Judo black belt holder, cyclist, Like adventure

Yes you can book only at store working hours 


pradeep kumar
Judo black belt holder, cyclist, Like adventure

Yes you shoud carry your ID proff


It is a great platform for sports enthusiasts. AFS bridges the gap between -  common people who are looking for participating in sports events or fitness training programs and sports event organizers.

People can now post or book a playground, o... (More)

Mohit TannuSport Leader
Exploring Road Cycling at Decathlon Sohna Road.

What class are we talking about ?

AFS is the platform where you can find anything related to sports. If you want to play cricket over the weekend. You need to physically go out to searc for a venue and look for a particular venue's aavilability. AFS reduces the physical burden that... (More)

Well, it depends on what you are looking for and what sport you are willing to play. Join AFS

Book sports events, classes and playgrounds and practise your sport hassle-free!

Keep your personal information personal to avoid any considerable trouble. The confidentiality of the account password is very important to secure your account. So, do not share your password info with anyone and your account is well secured.

1. Set a password which is of at least ten characters in length. 

2. The password should be a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters. 

3. You don't want someone to make an easy guess on your password... (More)

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