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Running Tribe in Bangalore
Running Tribe in Bangalore
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What is that one sport evident in most types of sport activities?
Running! Where every second matters!
Ron S Mathew

Running is a sport that involves the collaboration and movement of all the muscles in the body. One of the best sport to stay fit in any weather.It3 almost looks as a God given Sport to humanity,Anyone can run but only a few of them are soulful.

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Well, today, after we struggled to finish 7.3km running on our 73rd Independence Day, we knew that the struggle was real, the struggle was worth it!

#decathlonkoramangala #priderun

Strengthening and recovery exercises are very important. Relaxation by means of swimming or using pilates to render recovery is important. Also cycling to improve stride length is key.


Running is a sport which can be done anywhere, on roads, grounds, trails etc. And it can be done individually, you don't necessarily require a partner for it.  The best part of running, at least for me, is that in a short duration you feel lik... (More)

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Mohit TannuSport Leader
Exploring Road Cycling at Decathlon Sohna Road.

Performance in what sense? 


Running everyday will helps to keep your day energetic. It helps with good blood flow throughout the body. And also its good for cardio and body to stay strong

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Running tribe in Bangalore :)
We run almost everyday in Koramangala, Bangalore! Sometimes there are 10 people running and sometimes 2 but we are not alone because we motivate each other by running together.
Some of us have had a bad ligament tear injury and soon after recovery, after a year and a half's time, we run as a group and we do not feel the pain of anything-waking up or fatigue.
#letsruntogether #letsrunbengaluru

I would think Losing muscles are the cons of running.

abhishek SINGHSport Leader
Passionate Runner Decathlon sarjapur

Running benefits your health,can help you lose weight, and is cheaper than many other workouts. But it may cause injuries if you push too hard or use improper form.


Advantages of running are- weight loss, stronger immune system, better stamina, mood boost, improved cholesterol profile. 

Disadvantages of running are- weight bearing joints are damaged and risk of getting heart attack. 

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Amazing weather, great run !
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Hello all,

I am running a 5 km route tomorrow starting from Decathlon Anubhava entrance and back!

Start time: 7 am

Please feel free to join.
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Whether running is perfect or not FOR YOU depends on what kind of a person you are. No sport is "perfect" for everyone.

While it has it's advantages like not requiring any new skills, and that it can be done anywhere at any time (you can go for a sh... (More)

sameeksha MEHTASport Leader
Badminton Sports Leader at Decathlon Sohna Road

This depends on person to person. It depends on their stamina as well. If you have a beginner runner who has run even 1 km, he would hardly be able to run for 10 minutes.

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What are you doing for this Father's day? Why don't you take your father for a walk and #WalkWithNewFeel?

On the 16th of June celebrate the Father's Day by joining this event:

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How These Marathon Moms Get It All Done. What do you think? Comment below!
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who is the running city sports leader in bangalore?
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