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Let's Play Goa!
Let's Play Goa!
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Group for all the sports enthusiasts!

Our mission is to inspire millions to have a lifestyle where they play sports and lead a healthier lifestyle. We do this by connecting sports users on our community, where they can share their sports posts and stories by creating a quick post, writing a blog (their story) or by posting their sports video.

Group guidelines: 

  1. Only sports content allowed that is created by the user. We encourage users to post authentic content created by them.
  2. Strictly no plagiarism is allow. Any post found with plagiarised content will be deleted immediately by the group admins or the group moderators.
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The longest tennis match took place at Wimbledon 2010 when John Isner of the US beat Nicolar Mahut of France in a match which lasted for 11 hours 5 minute!
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Did you know that a normal football has 32 panels and 642 stitches
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Missed kayaking this summer!