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SURAT Let's play!!!
SURAT Let's play!!!
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Down days, tired evenings? Whether you’re on the run or just living life, stress happens. Whatever your challenge is, we believe there's nothing a Sporty play cannot fix.

Khelo Surat, A group fabricated for celebrating the sports spirit of the humans in the city of bridges!!! 

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#Let's_play_safe #Table_tennis❣️🔥
Enhance your skills everyday
Health Benefits of Table Tennis:
1.Improving hand-eye coordination. 
2.Improving reflexes.
3.It’s easy on the joints.
4.It keeps your brain sharp.
5.It improves balance.
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Saurabh Mishra
Passionate fitness enthusiast cum Yogi .....🧘‍♂️🏋️
YOGA-FY a Digital Workshop Today At 5PM with the Shynee Narang . with Expertise in Flexibility , Postural alignment & a Nutritionist its been 4years in fitness industry for her . she has helped over thousands of her clients to... (More)