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Let's play Hyderabad
Let's play Hyderabad
356 members
2781 questions
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Message to All the team members who are contributing a lot in phase one

Purpose  :

1. Adapt to Omni mindset In this crisis Situation and make sport accessible to the many  

2. Sports Leaders to be familiar with operating on Huddle and provide feedback before its launched to users in the future.

3. To build our future Sports clubs with enough quality content for consumption by the users when launched.

"Khelo Hyderabad" invites all of you sports enthusiasts to join the club and be associated with sports

We are here

1. To play sports together,

2. To Share our sports experience,

3. To Associate with a common love for sports,

4.One-stop solution for all sport-related queries

End Of the day when we launch our own Clubs for other sports or other cities Its mandatory that we all are aware of what is quality content and what is not.

If we look at our profiles and see, you should be in a stage that your profile is creating value & not NO OF POSTS/QUESTIONS.

Club guidelines:

1.Encouragement for own content

2.Only sports content

3.No criticism

4.No plagiarism

5.No Posts which are repeated with the same sense (Spam)

Any post found with plagiarized content will be deleted immediately by the group admins or the group moderators.