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Dilli dil se khelo!
Dilli dil se khelo!
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Group for all the sports enthusiasts in Delhi NCR.

Our mission is to inspire millions to have a lifestyle where they play sports and lead a healthier lifestyle. We do this by connecting people with sports content that is created by the users of this community. 

Group guidelines: 

  1. Only sports content allowed that is created by the user. We encourage users to post authentic content created by them.
  2. Strictly no plagiarism is allow. Any post found with plagiarised content will be deleted immediately by the group admins or the group moderators.


Both Pilates and yoga offer stress-relief, flexibility, strength, control, and endurance. The biggest difference between the two is the emphasis on the spiritual component in classes. Outside of Yoga-laties, most Pilates classes don’t offer an obvious spiritual experience, however, Pilates... (More)

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6 benefits of walking:
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vishal SHARMA
Table tennis player/ Trainer
In what year did table tennis become an Olympic sport? let's see know give ans less than 1 min.
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Khelo dilli
P Minj
learning and playing ,playing and living, living and playing
During the 2002 Soccer World Cup, Ahn Jung-hwan from South Korea scored a goal against Italy in injury time, knocking the Italians out of the World Cup. The next day, his contract with his Italian home club was terminated because... (More)