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Let's play Ahmedabad
Let's play Ahmedabad
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Making sports accessible to many Ahmedabadis!

Our mission is to inspire millions to have a lifestyle where they play sports and lead a healthier lifestyle. We do this by connecting sports users on our community, where they can share their sports posts and stories by creating a quick post, writing a blog (their story) or by posting their sports video.

Group guidelines: 

  1. Only sports content allowed that is created by the user. We encourage users to post authentic content created by them.
  2. Strictly no plagiarism is allowed. Any post found with plagiarized content will be deleted immediately by the group admins or the group moderators.
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YogaHealth and Fitness
YOGA FLOW Here is a 30 minute yoga flow for beginners for weight loss. 1. child pose 2. cat and cow pose (x3) 3. puppy pose 4. downward and upward dog pose (x3) 5. plank pose (30 secs) 6. warrior... (More)
SULPHUR WATER POND CYCLE RIDE VLOG NOW ON MY WEBPAGE.... Enjoy the Vlog Don't Forget to Subscribe to my YouTube channel, your support is very important to keep such a Adventure-filled topic in front of you THANK YOU EVERY ONE... (More)
HELLO CYCLIST & ADVENTURE LOVERS, "SULPHUR WATER POND" (GANDHAK PAANI) located in Dehradun,Uttarakhand, is one of the most Beautiful Place in Dehradun. However, very few people know about this Secret place.Its almost unexplored and untouchable, So I have put some... (More)
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neeraj SINGH
Sport Leader for Swimming at Decath Indore.
Only two years later David Wilkie became the first swimmer to use goggles in international pool competitions, at the 1970 Commonwealth Games. Goggles were first allowed at the Olympics in 1976, and many athletes used them in preparation at the... (More)