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 Decathlon Running Club Bangalore
Decathlon Running Club Bangalore
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Down days, tired evenings? Whether you’re on the run or just living life, stress happens. Whatever your challenge is, we believe there's nothing a mile's run cannot fix.

Decathlon Running Club, a club designed for all types of runners or non-runners ready to hit the city streets and tracks with us. Not everyone runs to win races and here's a space that allows you to grow at your pace, a "no pressure" environment suited to your requirements.  

And you know what it takes - your squad, your gear, and a few tips up your sleeves.

About the Squad-

Pinnaak Pande, Head Coach



Simanta Baruah, Club Pacer

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Tabish CHISHTISport Leader
Decathlon Athlete | Decathlon Running Club | Decathlon FC
Hello All,

All the DRC sessions remain on hold till further announcement.

We advice you to stay healthy and safe ! We will be back shortly.


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Road Runner, Trail Runner, National Medal 400m(48.47)
Running Benefits *Help to build strong bones *Strengthen muscles. *Improve cardiovascular fitness. *Burn plenty of kilojoules. *Help maintain a healthy weight *Running adds years to your life and life to your years. *Running helps you sleep better. *Running improves your... (More)