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Cycling in Delhi
Cycling in Delhi
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This group is meant for everyone who loves to be on a cycle or a cycling fan!

We share posts, Q&A's and polls on a regular basis!

Join us for the love of cycling and for the curiosity to know more about cycling as a sport!

Also, meet wonderful cyclists all across Delhi/NCR:)

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Vishal ASAULIYADecathlon
Inspiring 1.5 Billion Indians to Play Sports
First BRM 200, The Roller Coaster Ride, It was actually the roller coaster ride.
Distance: 208 KM
Elevation Gain: 2322
Time: 13h10m
Avg Speed: 18.6 Km/h

Prince Jain Anubhav pranav MOGHE
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urban trails on Rockrider 8.1
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quick info..
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