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Hiking and Trekking
Hiking and Trekking

Karthik CHAND
"Unsung Heroes of Everest" Sherpa is one of the ethnic groups native to the most mountainous regions of Nepal and the Himalayas. The term sherpa or sherwa derives from the Sherpa language words Shyar and Pa, which refer to their... (More)
This world health day , we honour the contribution of nurses, and other health workers recognizing their vital role in keeping the world helathy. Bring change today 1. Support health officals. Going to work daily, honor them locally. Start it... (More)

Why go Solo-Backpacking? - Gokul Bhandari -

In this world of billion characters, the most important character/personality is you.

And Backpacking Introduces you to that unique character in you. Traveling and Backpacking with friends is fun and we all have good times with our dear ones. But... (More)