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My sport is Tennis and I started when I was 8 years old. I started playing cricket when I was 4 and trained in it for 4 years before making the switch. The switch happened because the Tennis coach in my school asked me a simple question

"Would you l... (More)

my sport is cycling and it all started when i was in my school days,used to go to school and tutions coachings by cycling and also enjoying the city and nature, and never run out of late incase some guys used to miss school buse when they get late ... (More)

gopz prakash
Sport Leader Running

kalyani potekar
Professional Motorcycle Racer & Equestrian Champion


I have been into multiple sports as a kid like kho-kho, badminton, cycling, swimming, running. As I grew up I was extremely fascinated by adventure sports. And to explore more about it I underwent basic training courses of Mountaineering, Paragl... (More)

Nazim NASSERSport Leader
Basketball & Cycling Enthusiast, Decathlon Tagore Garden

I've been playing Basketball since the last 20 years, both professionally and amateur. I joined decathlon 3 years back, and that's when i discovered the sport of Cycling! :)

The 2nd sport i'm in love with... Cycling (road biking) has helped me not o... (More)

I am a cyclist by heart and a runner by choice.

Started riding in 2014 with office commute.

Started randonneuring from July 2018.

Project Leader User Experience
Project Leader User Experience
_*Antargange: Hike and Clean*_
6 of us started the climb on Sunday morning and started collecting plastic trash to help maintain the ecology. Looking at us, 4 more hikers joined us along with a very young local. We managed to pick up 170+ plastic bottles, plastic covers, footwear, etc. At the end, we could get 12 filled trash bags down. This is just the beginning, we are sure to clean up peaks by having more helping hands join us. It was indeed a worthy Sunday ! *#ResponsibleClimbers #DecathlonBrigadeRoad #EvaSuperheroes*

Hi Everyone : 1st pleased to be here :)
I love Sports : This is what i always wanted to do. 

1. Running Enthusiast :  : When i was in 8th class. I participated in a Marathon conducted by Army ( My father was in army). and then it started. M... (More)

I see a huge problem here. As there is no regulator for this industry. As far as just emotion and love for nature is concerned things can be managed. 


But when it comes to taking people out there and making money out of it, then its super... (More)

Project Leader User Experience
Fun Event at Decathlon EVA ...... Rain coat folding challenge.Have you done it ?
Project Leader User Experience
Aditya SHINDESport Leader
Passionate Mountain Sports Enthusiast!!
Is EBC trek over rated and over done?
Y/N & Why?
Enroute Kinner Kailash Parikrama at Charang village..
We enjoy what we do #hikingtrip
Have you been to any of these places before? If yes, share your experiences in the comment section.
What you get out of trekking? If this is what you get, then why not trek?